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Time for luxury beach house rentals SC

Author 01-10-2017

The time is right for luxury beach house rentals SC, as well as thinking a bit about the passing of time.  The beginning of a new year always seems to send people into reflection mode, where we take stock of where we’ve been and ponder changes to make the coming year an even better one  –  whether you’re in one of our luxury beach house rentals SC or out of one.

Make time count - stay in one of our luxury beach house rentals SC

Make time count – stay in one of our luxury beach house rentals SC

If you’re here now staying in one of our SC vacation rentals, be it a luxury house on Isle of Palms or a Folly Beach house Charleston, good going!  Relaxing in a Charleston beach house is a fantastic way to kick off a new year.

Resolutions have a notoriously low success rate, although they are a boon to fitness club membership salespeople, at least during the first couple weeks of the new year.

Instead of focusing on a single, tangible goal, it may be the best way to approach a new year is with a slight shift in how you view things… like your day.

The following came across my desk from Greg Laurie, a fellow out in California who has a lot of wisdom. It really spoke to me, and I thought I’d share it here…

Let’s say that one day your phone rang and it was the president of the bank that you use. He told you that an anonymous donor who loved you very much had decided to deposit 86,400 pennies into your bank account each and every morning.  At first, maybe that didn’t seem like a lot. But then you figured out that it was $864 a day.  At seven days a week and 52 weeks a year, those pennies add up to almost $315,000 each year!  But the bank president added one thing: “The anonymous giver said you must spend all of the money on the day you receive it!  No balance will be carried over to the next day. Each evening the bank must cancel whatever sum you failed to use!  Remember, what you don’t spend is lost.”

That may sound like fantasy, but here’s the reality: Every morning, someone who loves you very much deposits into your “bank of time” 86,400 seconds, which represent 1,440 minutes, which of course equals 24 hours each and every day. He gives you that much to use each day. Nothing is ever carried over on credit to the next day. There is no such thing as a 27-hour day.  It’s called time, and you can’t escape it. Time is ticking away right now. The Bible tells us to “redeem the time”—to make sacred and wise use of every opportunity.

Make those minutes count.

It’s true.  Your time is a very valuable asset.  Just ask people who have very little of it left.

Speaking of time ticking away and making the most of life, an oyster roast is one of the quintessential Lowcountry experiences.  If you’re coming to one of our beach house rentals Charleston SC, either Isle of Palms luxury rentals or Folly Beach rentals Charleston, you really should try to go to one while you’re here.

The largest oyster festival in the world is coming up at the end of the month not far from our luxury beach house rentals SC; I’ll blog more about that next time.

Get your oyster fix near our luxury beach house rentals SC

Get your oyster fix near our luxury beach house rentals SC

In the meantime, there’s a great local option for getting that oyster roast experience.  It’s Morgan Creek Grill on the IOP, super convenient to our luxury beach house rentals SC.  Saturdays during January and February they have oyster roasts, starting at 4:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m., where you can enjoy all-you-can-eat fire-roasted oysters, chili and more while listening to some great live music.

Also on Friday nights during the month of January, they are hosting a special series, Wintertide: Acoustic Songwriter’s Series 2017.  On three Friday evenings in January  –  January 13th, 20th and 27th, from 7:00 p.m. till 10:00 p.m. –  get set for three different local or regional songwriters each night on stage on the Upper Deck.

This coming Friday, January 13th, it’s Brad Wells, Tommy Huffman, Steve Fletcher & Shelly Waters.  Then at this Saturday’s oyster roast, get set for the Lauren Hall Band.

Here’s a link with the full schedule of oyster roasts and the musical lineups:  http://www.morgancreekgrill.com/live-music

Like I said, Morgan Creek is convenient to all our luxury beach house rentals SC but especially our Isle of Palms vacation rentals.  It’s located at the IOP Marina at the end of 41 Avenue.

So use your many minutes of 2017 wisely.  If you’re planning on staying in one of our rental homes South Carolina, call early for the best selection.  EP has the nicest Isle of Palms vacation rentals, but they book up fast.

All best,
Lowcountry Lisa
your Isle of Palms vacation blogger